Joe Duffy – Coordinator

Years Teaching: 8

Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree (University of Sheffield) / GDL and LPC (BPP University) / Cambridge Examiner for Starters, Movers, Flyers, KEY, PET and First 

About me: After Graduating in England, I was able to apply the skills I developed in my History and Law degrees, wholeheartedly to teaching in Ecuador. Making a name for myself in both EPN and Education First, I spearheaded programmes for multiple schools and Universities. My relations with multiple prestigious publications such as, Cambridge University Press, Oxford University press and National Geographic, granted me a full understanding of the educational process for young students. I relish the value of equipping students with the means to speak English effectively. I have experience in Ecuador in Schools, Universities and Institutes.
I joined La Condamine in April 2021 and am happy to be part of one of the best schools in the country.

Marcus OShea – Teacher

Years Teaching: 7

Hello parents,

My name is Marcus OShea. My family comes from Oklahoma City in the United States, but I grew up more in Colorado and eventually went to University in Los Angeles where I studied Statistics and Business. After getting my Master’s degree I received an accreditation for teaching English. Since then, I have taught in five countries, mostly to young learners. I would describe myself as a laid-back and energetic teacher who likes to both challenge his students but also keep the classroom experience fun and motivating. Besides teaching, I love reading, architecture, cultural events and cheese. Brie is my favorite!


About the section

The American section is an exciting new addition to Colegio La Condamine in Quito, Ecuador.
The section aims to equip students with a more profound knowledge of English and awareness of American culture.
The students can enroll in the American section from CP (1st Grade).



To assist the learning process we will be using Cambridge American English books series ‘Super minds’.
The books focus on practical English and reinforcing the four skills. These skills will help students pass international examinations.



We are also using the reading platform MYON from Santillana.
We want to instill an English reading culture from a young age. With thousands of books available at the touch of a finger, reading is set to become an integral part of the English learning process.




Our aim is for students every two years to obtain a Michigan Assessment certificate. These certificates are accepted by numerous foreign Universities and will set students on a path if they wish to study abroad.



Updated on August, the 26th of 2021