The American section is an exciting new addition to Colegio La Condamine in Quito, Ecuador.
The section aims to equip students with a more profound knowledge of English and awareness of American culture.
The students can enroll in the American section from CP (1st Grade).


Joe Duffy – Coordinator

Years Teaching: 8

Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree (University of Sheffield) / GDL and LPC (BPP University) / Cambridge Examiner for Starters, Movers, Flyers, KEY, PET and First 

About me: After Graduating in England, I was able to apply the skills I developed in my History and Law degrees, wholeheartedly to teaching in Ecuador. Making a name for myself in both EPN and Education First, I spearheaded programmes for multiple schools and Universities. My relations with multiple prestigious publications such as, Cambridge University Press, Oxford University press and National Geographic, granted me a full understanding of the educational process for young students. I relish the value of equipping students with the means to speak English effectively. I have experience in Ecuador in Schools, Universities and Institutes.
I joined La Condamine in April 2021 and am happy to be part of one of the best schools in the country.

Marcus OShea – Teacher

Years Teaching: 7

Hello parents,

My name is Marcus OShea. My family comes from Oklahoma City in the United States, but I grew up more in Colorado and eventually went to University in Los Angeles where I studied Statistics and Business. After getting my Master’s degree I received an accreditation for teaching English. Since then, I have taught in five countries, mostly to young learners. I would describe myself as a laid-back and energetic teacher who likes to both challenge his students but also keep the classroom experience fun and motivating. Besides teaching, I love reading, architecture, cultural events and cheese. Brie is my favorite!


Jeffrey Bulterman – Teacher

Years Teaching: 13

Qualifications: MA,TESOL/Applied Linguistics, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK; BFA, Theatre, DePaul University, Chicago, USA; TESOL Certification, American TESOL Institute, Chiang Mai, Thailand; Yoga Certification, Yoga Vidya Gurukul, Nashik, India, 2007


About me: I began my teaching career as a volunteer in Bagamoyo, Tanzania where I taught English to a class of more than 60 rambunctious 5-8 year-olds at Mburuku Primary School. In that classroom, I witnessed the joy and wonderment of children in the process of discovering, learning, and playing. Those wonderful kids made me fall in love with teaching. Since that time in late 2007, I have acquired a TESOL certification from the American TESOL Institute (2009) and a Master’s in TESOL and Applied Linguistics, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK (2020). I also hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in theatre, which greatly informs and supports my work in the classroom, as I am a teacher who is playful and always ready to improvise and have fun (serious, learning fun, that is). It is my belief that learning happens best during times of play and movement, and I am thrilled to hold my position as “sports teacher” at La Condamine, and therefore utilize games, physicality, and play to support your child’s learning experiences.

I am incredibly excited to have joined the International Program at La Condamine. My first impression of this esteemed school has outshone those of the many schools I have worked at throughout the years in places such as South Korea, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Oman, China, and Vietnam. At La Condamine, there is a palpable sense of joy emanating from both the students and the staff. There is also a feeling of tremendous support for students and families, as well as for teachers. I am looking forward to being a part of your child’s development and to being a catalyst to establish your child’s passion for learning and discovering new and exciting things for years to come.


Hobbies: hopping on and off planes and seeing the world; trying out new recipes at home; checking out new restaurants; doing yoga; working out at the gym (not so much during Covid, however); going to the theatre; watching films; reading; and of course, scrolling through my phone


The Movement, Fun, and English class is an excellent opportunity for students to become actively involved with each other in team games, to develop coordination and motor skills, and to practice spontaneously producing English. In this class, we take the grammar and vocabulary from the pages of the texts in their foundation classes and put them into play! Research has shown that language use in physically engaging activities leads to quicker acquisition and longer retention. Plus, we have a lot of fun!

To assist the learning process we will be using Cambridge American English books series ‘Super minds’.
The books focus on practical English and reinforcing the four skills. These skills will help students pass international examinations.



We are also using the reading platform MYON from Santillana.
We want to instill an English reading culture from a young age. With thousands of books available at the touch of a finger, reading is set to become an integral part of the English learning process.



Our aim is for students every two years to obtain a Michigan Assessment certificate. These certificates are accepted by numerous foreign Universities and will set students on a path if they wish to study abroad.


For the new students entering the section from CE1 and upwards, there is an entrance exam.

Please find below the subjects to study.



Updated on April, the 26th of 2022