📄 Job description: teacher in charge of the International American Section 🇺🇸

➡️ Must coordinate and teach in the International American Section that will be available in Elementary School.

  • Coordinate International American Section in Elementary School

  • Organize student recruitment

  • Develop exchanges and cooperation with Ecuadorian institutions and an American School

  • Prepare the continuity of the International American Section on to High school

  • Promote the International American Section abroad


Full-time position

Salary $2,500

For candidates from the United States, Mobilization & Repatriation tickets will be provided and an Accommodation Allowance of $2,400, plus local benefits established by Ecuadorian laws and $300 if they have children.

⚠️ Requirements:

Must be native speaker with a master’s degree in the required field, preferably from the USA 🇺🇸 (the master’s degree must be validated by the SENESCYT in Ecuador).

➡️ Applications will be received until 02/28/2021

➡️ Starts 04/01/2021

📧 roque.dorian@condamine.edu.ec